Three Days with an Absolute Goddess of Pleasure

Started by Southerner, Sep 22, 2023, 05:57 PM

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I recently had the pleasure of spending 3 days with Ayana who in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful and sensual ladies at the Mustang Ranch. I have known Ayana for a couple of years now and we do party on a regular basis. Although we make decisions together, I have always relied on Ayana's guidance to create that special moment. This time we were talking about a short 2 girl party, and she felt that Nola Blu would be the perfect addition for us. I never met Nola, so I relied on Ayana's judgement and found her to be a wonderful complement to our party (more about Nola Blu under a separate review). The time that I spend with Ayana is a series of increasing pleasures that I wish never had to end. Ayana is the ultimate Brothel experience that every man (or woman) should have during their lifetime.

What I find most amazing about Ayana is that she has never been elected Courtesan of the Year or inducted into the Hall of Fame. Ayana has been in the profession for over a decade and with her marvelous skills, bubbly personality and passion I think that the time has come to recognize her accomplishments. When the voting opens up next year, I intend to nominate her for both honors.


I agree the Ayana is really special. I have partied with her exactly fifty times, as of last week. She would indeed be a deserving COY.
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