Out dates with The Incredible Rachel Varga

Started by SixT9er, Oct 28, 2023, 03:17 AM

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I've been seeing Rachel for 7 yrs now. During these yrs we've gone on many, many outdates. I keep taking her on them because she is an amazing outdate companion. Doesn't matter if it was just to go to dinner, an adventure of some sort & we've been on a few adventures along the way, she is always fun.
She is a very genuine person no BS Lady in the house & when you get her out of it you may think she will change but she's still the same Lady but without the confines of the house that limit her from showing her personality on a more personal level by experiencing things with her that she truly enjoys that she can't experience in the house. Rachel has a zest for life & enjoys seeing & doing new things & outdates allowed me to experience these things not only thru my perspective but hers as well & you can't beat seeing the joy in her eyes & hearing her sexy laugh when out with her.
So whether it's dinner, shopping, a movie, escape room or haunted hotel, a show or something else you will always have a Great time experiencing them with Rachel!
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